HTC announces the first blockchain-powered phone

Blockchain is one of the biggest buzzwords in technology today, and in 2018, it seems like everyone is jumping on the bandwagon. Given the popularity of the technology, it was expected that at least one cell phone manufacturer would figure out how to work it into their products, and it seems that the company to lead the way is HTC.

Yesterday, the company unveiled the HTC Exodus, a phone that uses the blockchain for decentralized applications and greater security when compared to other cellphones. According to the teaser on the HTC website, this includes the ability to support Dapps and a hardware element that allows the phone to connect to cryptocurrency wallets.

The HTC announcement states that each Exodus phone produced will be a node in the architecture of the company’s blockchain. “We want to double and triple the number of nodes of Ethereum and Bitcoin,” HTC explained.

Given the processing power, storage, and bandwidth needed for this, it will be interesting to see how HTC plans to pull this off.

Two other companies have either released or announced phones that can handle the cryptocurrency wallet feature the Exodus offers—Sikur and Finney. However, these are lesser-known brands without the distribution range of HTC. They also lack the ability to support Dapps.

While HTC has played up the blockchain aspect of its new phone, other details are sparse. It would seem that the typical features customers care about when purchasing a cell phone are meant to take a backseat to blockchain capability.

And this might be problematic given the fact that most smartphones can be adapted to do the majority of what the Exodus sets out to do simply by downloading different apps.

For now, the release date and price are not public information, but you can still reserve your phone with the company.

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